The NAWO Young Women’s Alliance (YWA) is a group of young women and men under 25 from around the UK passionate about achieving gender equality. We specialise in supporting young advocates to understand their rights and have the confidence to call for them, especially using legal frameworks as tools for change.

We are currently accepting applications for our YWA Advance programme, please see below and apply before 6pm on 10th October for your chance to take part!
We’re very happy to be able to accept more applications, so don’t be alarmed by any mention of an earlier deadline – you can definitely still apply until 10th October!

  • Our latest programme is YWA Advance, supporting young women to gain the knowledge, skills and capacity to call for their rights, using the Sustainable Development Goals as a tool.
  • We have also enabled over 100 young people so far through our yearly opportunity to attend and speak at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, as well as other young advocates representing young people at countless events.


To find more information, please go to: