WRC supports women’s voluntary organisations to develop effective campaigning and lobbying strategies, focusing particularly on the use of digital and social media tools.

This enables staff and volunteers in the sector to Social Mediaincrease their knowledge, skills and confidence to campaign, influence policy makers, enhance their profile, and engage service users and other key stakeholders in their work.

We received funding from Trust for London and City Bridge Trust in late 2011 to support a three-year training programme on social media, policy influencing and campaigning for women’s voluntary and community sector organisations and projects across London. This programme ‘Raising Women’s Voices: Social Media, Campaigning & Influencing’ offers seven group trainings per year, three beginners’ level and four advanced level ones. You can see the training dates for 2014 on the Trainings section of our website.

The programme also offers one-to-one sessions to organisations on a requested topic around social and digital media. These sessions are held by our Head of Communications Natalie Gyte. To enquire about arranging a one-to-one mentoring session for your organisation, please .

As part of the Raising Women’s Voices programme, we have produced four case studies and two online guides that women’s organisations can utilise in their work.

The first two case studies detail two successful online campaigns – their aims and objectives, how the objectives were achieved, and why the campaigns were successful. The second two case studies describe the training and one-to-one support we offer in more detail:

  • Case study 1: Successful Online Campaigning – Mumsnet, ‘We Believe You’
  • Case study 2: Successful Online Campaigning – Women on Banknotes
  • Case study 3: One to one support - an overview
  • Case study 4: Advanced Level training - an overview

The online guides we have produced focus on campaigning for women’s equality and comparing the use of Twitter and Facebook:

  • Online guide 1: Campaigning for Women’s Equality
  • Online guide 2: Beginners Guide to Using Facebook and Twitter