Women Speak Out was a three-year project funded by Comic Relief and aimed to empower women to speak out and tell their stories of disadvantage and inequality through video. The women we filmed received media training to gain confidence in public speaking, and to build their skills in dealing with and speaking to the media about their experiences.


You can see their films

Fair Deal for Women/Women Speak Our Reports

We also produced three reports which were a product of two of WRC’s projects: Women Speak Out and A Fair Deal for Women (http://fairdealforwomen.com). Both were aimed at joining up the dots of the interconnected nature of women’s inequality in the UK, which spreads across all areas of women’s lives – ranging from poverty, to violence, racism, disablism, unequal representation, and unequal access to justice and human rights.


Fair-Deal-for-Women-Report-2-Safety Justice and Support and Women's Health

Fair Deal For Women Report 3 Women and Power |Equality and Human Rights |Attitudes, Media, Education and Culture

Resource Packs

Working on this project highlighted the need for women’s organisations to develop their skills and understanding of strategic communications, social media, digital technology and how to work with the media.

Fortunately, there is a growing body of resources available to organisations and individuals to help build these skills. We produced two resources packs where you will find information and links to a variety of guides, articles and toolkits to help you deal with everything from running campaigns using social media to how to compile a press release.

Reporting Guidelines Resource Pack

Media Resource Pack

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