WRC Consulting exists to service the women’s sector, individual women and those interested in progressing women’s equality and equity. With our track record we can work with women-led organisations and projects, individual women, investors, public service bodies and private sector companies that work with them.

As the leading UK national organisation supporting over 500 members, we pride ourselves on recognising and valuing the diversity of women’s experiences, perspectives and priorities.

Collectively WRC has a century’s worth of experience supporting the women’s sector; our expertise is women-centered, which means we know the needs of women and provide member organisations, supporters and individuals with the best tools and support to directly empower them.

We are led by and for women.  It’s not what we do, it’s the way we do it that makes our approach different to others outside the women’s voluntary community and social enterprise sector.

What we offer

WRC Consulting will improve effectiveness by helping you raise your influencing capabilities, develop your organisation, increase your theories of change and achieve better sustainability.  Our consultancy service includes;

  • gender analysis,
  • digital media, web design;
  • monitoring and evaluation;
  • social enterprise development;
  • strategy and change;
  • business planning;
  • partnership and network development
  • leadership development


In these fast-changing times, Women’s voluntary community and social enterprise organisations are facing on-going requests to adjust and respond to pressures from their external surroundings, whether it is responding to greater demand for services or understanding the changing political and financial climate.


For Women’s organisations
We understand women leading organisations must be nimble decision makers, compassionate practitioners, effective leaders, political negotiators and perceptible collaborators.  We know you are able and skilled to do what needs to be done in your organisation, which is why we do not prescribe what you need.  We work with you as an additional resource to turn your knowledge into action.


For individual women
We understand you have ideas that can help you take control of your lifestyle, finances and resources so that you can shape your days.  We offer support to women who wish to run a business, start a charity, social enterprise (or any other structure suited to your idea), or seek to increase skills to become self-employed.


For Public Service Bodies
We understand the differences in women’s and men’s lives and recognise that different approaches may be needed to produce outcomes that are equitable.  We can help examine the differences, including those which lead to social and economic equity for women, which you can apply to policy and service development.


For investors, funders and sponsors
WRC can help you by providing themed evidence research into the complexities and needs of women, allowing you to contribute financially towards services that make the greatest impact.   We recognise you may wish to contribute to life-saving services that have the greatest impact on the lives of women and/or systemic change.


Proposal, Pricing, Place

Your assignment has to be successful. So, when we meet, it’s a time to set out what’s required in detail, but also for you to decide; Are we the right partner for you? Can we deliver within the budget and time constraints you have?   Following our meeting we will set out your desired outcomes, our intended approach and costs.
Our prices reflect the fact that we believe in charging reasonable day rates that reflect our ethos in supporting and empowering women to achieve their ambitions and the agencies that assist them.

Consultancy Pricing Information


Consultancy Sector Pricing Information
Prices shown are based on senior to mid-level executive’s rates.  Contact us for full proposal and accurate costs.


We can provide training or facilitate a session at your place, at ours or other suitable location. During initial talks you can tell us what you have in mind and when you want us and how long for. From one-to-one, groups sessions to carrying out research, and appraising websites, our style is personalised to your needs.


It’s what we do and how we do it.

All too often we hear from both the private and public sector that believe or make an implicit assumption, that their management theories should be applied to Women’s voluntary  community and social enterprise organisations to make us more effective.

However whilst these theories can bring benefits, they are often of limited value because they fail to recognise that the women’s sector is incredibly diverse from women’s centres that provide holistic services to individual women to organisations that support a specific client group (e.g. lesbian organisations) to campaigning organisations.

We know the sector reflects the diversity of women – it includes organisations that serve refugees, asylum seekers, lesbians, older women, younger women and girls, women with disabilities, campaigning women, women experiencing domestic violence and women from particular Black and Minority Ethnic or faith communities.

The enormous positive impact that these organisations have in their communities is a cause for celebration.

We understand that women may draw their identity from a range of sources and they can, and often do, experience multiple barriers to realising equality that gender is experienced and constructed in complex, changing and sometimes contradictory ways.


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