Our tasteful websites are clean, easy-to-navigate and are quick-to-load whether you prefer to browse using your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. We believe that a hit website will simply articulate what do and so we design websites which satisfy your organization’s objectives as well as the requirements of your beneficiaries and clients. We offer a ‘web design and digital media’ service and we will make the experience of owning and managing a website simple and stress-free for you.

WRC Website Development Consultancy

WRC builds websites for small and mid-size charities and businesses.

We know that website development can be daunting and can leave your organization dependent upon an external developer. This can be frustrating and incur considerable cost.

Your website is your shop window. It must look attractive and be engaging whilst communicating effectively what you do.

We are offering an all-round service; to work with you in partnership to develop your ideas, to build your website, and to train you to maintain your website.

Developing your ideas:
You know best how a website should reflect your organization and services, and we are here as marketing experts to guide you through the process of translating what you do into a website. We start by having a collaborative meeting with you to hone down what it is you want in terms of website functionality, look and feel. The result of this meeting is the website map which we develop for you. This initial meeting is free and at this point we give you a set price.

Building your website:
Having decided upon the functionality and look and feel of your website, and having developed a website map, we build the site for you.
Again, this process is collaborative and we work with you to take feedback, so that the site can be tailored and tweaked to suit your organization’s needs.

Upkeep and Maintenance:
We use the WordPress platform which is extremely easy and simple to use.
You will be provided with a manual that explains a step by step process for updating and maintaining your website. In addition, we can provide a full 1-day training session for you and any other staff, to teach you how to use WordPress. Through the manual and our training you will have control over your website, eliminating reliance upon external developers.

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