Women's organisations challenge discrimination and improve women's human rights. It was only after decades of campaigning by women's organisations that rape in marriage become illegal in 1991. Without women's organisations campaigning and lobbying, human rights for women in the UK would be far behind.

Our policy, campaigning team engages with the women’s sector to provide a strong evidence base for women’s issues and needs. We build alliances to increase the ability of the women’s sector to hold the Government and other decision makers to account in bringing about substantive equality for women.

Our campaigns have secured ring-fenced funding for the women’s sector, and have seen substantial changes to the law to bring about equality.

But haven’t we got equality now? Despite huge advances in equality over the last 30 years, there is ample evidence of the disadvantage and discrimination women continue to face in all areas, from poverty to political representation, and violence to mental health services. This is systematic discrimination against women, or institutional sexism.


We can help women’s organisations develop campaigning and lobbying tools through a variety of training workshops and consultancy. This includes material on using current mechanisms such as the Single Equality Act 2010, the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the Human Rights Act. We can also help build expertise in using social media and networks effectively in promoting campaigns, as well as provide guidance on the collection of evidence and feedback to show organisational impact and value. We are a partner of the Parliamentary Outreach team and have a range of guides and training on democratic structures and influencing.

We can assist you to plan your campaign from scratch, assist with new ideas and fresh thinking for the new political climate, or simply provide additional support at key times. Whether it’s a press launch, parliamentary briefing, high profile reception, public demonstration, online campaign drive, or a combination of all of these and more, we can help create opportunities for you to promote your message and maximise the benefit for your campaign.


Develop an organised effort which seeks to influence the decision making process within your known stakeholder group;

Guidance on campaigning to help you develop and design your campaign so that you maximise your impact on the people you need to influence;

Value-added understanding of some of the necessary changes that organisations may have to make in order to achieve particular campaigns;

Strategies to help focus on specific targeted messages to key audiences that make sense, and empower people to take action.



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