Esmee fairbairn



Women’s voluntary and community organisations, providing specialist services are undeterred by the changing demands of commissioning.  Commitment and priority to offer diverse and complex services that empower women so they may take back control over their lives is paramount.


The sheer scale and nature of local contracts to help reduce public spending and meet increased demand is a dichotomy posing a threat to lone community-based organisations whilst simultaneously encouraging the small to come together in partnerships.


Women’s Resource Centre (WRC), the national membership charity for women’s organisation together with partner organisations in Cambridge, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, and the North East, will establish specialist women consortium.   “The size and complexity, increasing demand, and dwindling resources won’t stop us from providing vital services for women and girls”. Forming partnerships is our response to competitive tendering and it’s the only way some of our members can keep their doors open, says, Vivienne Hayes MBE, chief executive of WRC.


Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, who prides itself on achieving positive change, will fund the 3 year women’s commissioning support unit, which will bring women’s organisations together to offer a wide range of services for women and children through consortium.


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