The Women’s Resource Centre, through its work across the UK, has a strong understanding of the economic situation faced by women and the barriers and challenges facing those that want to become economically active.

Through this, WRC has identified the lack of support for women across the range of economic and social situations to gain the skills and confidence to enter the labour market, build strong networks, influence their working situations and learn from and collaborate with other women who they would not normally meet either professionally or socially.

Using self-organised methods we offer to create a space and time in which good thinking, creating, celebrating, and just being together, can occur resulting in outcomes you imagine. This approach provides a supportive environment in which everyone will be able to do what needs to get done, with a minimum of hassle. WRC believe strongly that the women’s sector needs to lead the way in creating a model of partnership working that is inclusive, based on equality and feminist principles that ensures all organisations within a partnership are valued and have equal voice and input into decision making. We are keen to be responsive, particularly in relation to the rapidly changing commissioning and funding landscape; as a result we offer locally delivered facilitation, training, and/or management consultancy.  We will be led by the needs of your organisation rather than prescribing what support we think organisations need.

The sorts of things we can offer include:

  • A meeting of minds – the bringing together of like-minded individuals to discuss the potential for a collaborative/consortium approach to the delivery of services by working together more effectively to achieve better outcomes for individuals accessing your services;
  • Facilitated workshops looking at the range of current issues and show stoppers, that will help you shape key documents to improve how the partnerships governs and manage itself;
  • Prepare for contracting - offer practical grounding in tools needed for organisations to explore the strategic implications of setting up and implementing a consortium-approach to tendering and contract management;
  • Offer legal tools and mechanisms, to enable influence decision-making;



  • Women increase understanding of the partnership spectrum and become conscious of essentials that make a successful partnership;
  • Partners improve clarity of purpose, activities and management of consortium or networks;
  • Partners develop their offer to commissioners and/or decision-makers;
  • Partners are clear on legal, governance and business aspects of establishing strategic consortia;
  • Women create formal arrangements such as agreed terms of reference, partnership agreement or other documents to increase effectiveness;
  • Women design support functions and procedures to ensure contracts are delivered, monitored and evaluated;
  • Partners improve understanding of risks and challenges and costs involved;
  • Partners develop sustainability plans to continue current and future developments.


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