This training catalogue gives you an idea of all the different trainings we provide at WRC.
You can see a list of our currently scheduled trainings on the Trainings main page here.


Commissioning: Understanding the basics
This training will help you understand how to tender for public sector contracts.  The training is divided into two modules. The first one will provide you with an overview of current commissioning policy, practice, and the legislation that informs it.  The second module will provide with a detailed understanding of outputs, outcomes and impact measurement, together with an overview of bidding as a partnership and costing and pricing tenders.

Building Relationships with Funders and Commissioners
In these increasingly challenging times developing good relationships with funders and commissioners can be crucial to women’s organisations’ success at securing funding. This course will look at practical ways to make contact with funders and commissioners, influence commissioners’ priorities and strategies and present the case for your work effectively.

Business Planning
This training will improve your knowledge of business planning and give you the tools and resources to create one for your organisation.  Participants will take away an understanding of the purpose of a business plan, practical tools and techniques for its development, an overview of its sections, and an action plan to complete the business plan for your organisation.

Fast Track to Successful Fundraising
This training will help organisations understand fundraising and provide them with resources and tools needed for fundraising.  This training will explore the different stages of fundraising, types of funders and fundraising styles, the fundraising cycle, the role of monitoring and evaluation, and funds suitability.

Finance Planning for Your Organisation
This training will help organisations write financial documents for business plans, budget new projects or funding applications.  This training will provide the tools to understand and develop balance sheets, cashflow forecasting, profit and loss accounts, full cost recovery budget and break even point.

Innovation for your Organisation
This training will help you to learn about innovation, encourage your organisation and staff to be innovative, how to progress your ideas and understand how to explain your innovative services to funders.

Making the Case: Equalities and Human Rights
This training will give you a basic overview of current human rights and equalities legislation and instruments that are used in the UK. It is an interactive session, sharing the practice and experience of participants to review how best to use equalities and human rights in making the case for your organisation and/or your service users and in building women’s equality

Partnerships: Putting it into practice
This training will help organisations understand how to put partnerships into practice.  This training will explore the different structures a partnerships might take, partnership agreements, tools for agreeing a partnership strategy, better understanding of how partnerships operate, conflict management and conflict resolution.

Social Enterprise: Developing your Ideas
This training will increase your knowledge on social enterprise and you develop your idea for a social enterprise.  Participants will take away definitions of social enterprise, developing the vision and mission, developing products and services, benefits and impacts, business planning tool-kit, choosing your legal structure, and information and resources to help you progress your ideas.

Social Enterprise: Bringing your Ideas
Following Social Enterprise: Developing your ideas' this training will increase your knowledge and use of the different available tools to turn your social enterprise ideas into a sustainable project.  Participants will take away business planning tools, an action plan, marketing plan, tools for dealing with the external environment, dealing with operations and risks, and costs and income.

Strategic Planning
This training will help organisations improve their planning skills and develop a strategic plan.  This training will explore the planning process, developing the 'mission statement', methods for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation, funding suitability, and practical tools and techniques for developing the organisation's plan.

Train the Trainer
This one day course guides participants through the key skills needed to design and deliver effective training and handle common difficult situations that may arise.