The UK CEDAW Shadow Report – Women’s Equality in the UK: A health check - has been produced by the CEDAW Working Group, a coalition of 42 women’s and human rights organisations from across the UK in preparation for the examination of the UK Government by the UN CEDAW Committee in July 2013 new online casino UK.

The Shadow Report brings together issues impacting on the realisation of women’s rights under CEDAW in the UK in order to support the Government to make positive change in the future. The report highlights the key areas where Women’s rights in the UK have come to a standstill and in fact some are being reversed.

Women’s Equality in the UK: A health check (Full report, PDF)

Executive summary (PDF)

Appendices (online only)

Appendix 1: Impact of the economic crisis on women’s equality

Appendix 2: Gender analysis of HM Treasury and tax revenue

Appendix 3: National women’s machinery

Appendix 4: UK women’s voluntary and community sector

Appendix 5: Funding for specialist violence against women and girls services

Appendix 6: Cuts to the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Appendix 7: Health of migrant, refugee and asylum seeking women

Appendix 8: Women with ‘no recourse to public funds’

Appendix 9: Lesbian and bisexual women in the asylum system

Appendix 10: Women migrant workers

Appendix 11: Abortion and contraception education

Appendix 12: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Appendix 13: Women’s participation in the labour market

Appendix 14: Women’s unemployment

Appendix 15: Lone parents

Appendix 16: Equal pay

Appendix 17: Work and maternity

Appendix 18: Childcare

Appendix 19: Women and pensions

Appendix 20: NHS reforms

Appendix 21: Violence against women and girls and health

Appendix 22: Women’s mental health

Appendix 23: Cancer screening

Appendix 24: Women living with HIV/AIDS

Appendix 25: Women and Sport

Appendix 26: Housing and homelessness 

Appendix 27: Women in the criminal justice system

Appendix 28: Legal aid

Appendix 29: Forced marriage

Appendix 30: Post separation abuse

Appendix 31: Faith based organisations and legal arbitration 

Appendix 32: Violence against women and girls and the law

Appendix 33: Female Genital Mutilation

Appendix 34: Non-state torture

Appendix 35: International work to address violence against women and girls overseas

Appendix 36: General Recommendation 18 – Disabled women

Appendix 37: Jersey Community Relations Trust Contribution to the Women’s Resource Centre, CEDAW Shadow Report

Annex 6: Recommendations

Annex 7 – Bibliography


North East Women’s Network ‘The impact of austerity measures upon women’ – A case study of the North East of England for the UK CEDAW shadow report 2013

Older Women’s Rights in the United Kingdom: NGO thematic shadow report