About the London VAWG Consortium

The London VAWG Consortium is made up of 29 organisations working in partnership to deliver comprehensive, cost effect, high quality services to all communities across London.

This innovative partnership strengthens referral pathways across organisations and identifies trends and emerging need.

About Ascent

Ascent is a project undertaken of the London Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Consortium, delivering a range of services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, under six themes, funded by London Councils.

23 organisations are currently involved in the Ascent project.

Ascent improves service provision for those affected by sexual and domestic violence in London through the provision of front-line services as well as support to voluntary and statutory organisations.


Please click here to find out more about the London VAWG Consortium.

WRC is offering the following training courses as part of the Ascent project:

- Partnerships: Everything you need to know

- Train the Trainer

- Finances in Joint Projects and Consortia

- Measuring Outcomes

- Commissioning

- Theory of Change

- Project Management

- Unconscious Bias

- Fundraising



WRC also organises four special events per year. The special events are tailored to suit the needs of the VAWG sector in London. They are an excellent way to equip women's organisations and other organisations working with those affected by VAWG with opportunities to share knowledge, best practice and information as well as to network with other organisations in London and provide them with information on building partnerships.

Please find our upcoming trainings and events here.


For more information about the Ascent project, contact cara@wrc.org.uk or 020 7697 3461.