Hidden Value: Demonstrating the extraordinary impact of women's voluntary and community organisations.

‘Hidden Value…’, is an innovative social return on investment report produced in collaboration with five London-based women’s organisations, with support from new economics foundation.

Social Return On Investment (SROI) is a form of cost-benefit analysis that seeks to measure and value the key changes, or outcomes, created by a programme or activity.
Conducted over a two year period, ‘Hidden Value…’ highlights the far reaching benefits of the services provided by women’s organisations and the significant savings they create for the state, local economies and communities.
The report found that for every pound invested into their services, women’s organisations can generate, over five years, between £5 and £11 worth of social value to women, their children, and the state.
Calling the findings a “wake-up call”, the report recommends to government and to commissioners that they develop a better understanding of the incredible value of such specialist services and of investing in them appropriately.

Full report: Hidden value: Demonstrating the extraordinary impact of women's voluntary and community organisations (2011)

You can find out more about the five organisations that took part in the research and download copies of their individual research reports below:

Ashiana Network: Journey towards safety

Ashiana Network specialises in aiding young women (aged 16-30 years old) from South Asian, Turkish and Iranian communities. Ashiana runs three refuges, two of which are targeted at supporting women between 16-25 fleeing forced marriage.

Ashiana Network: Journey towards safety


Heba Women's Project

Heba helps women to build fuller lives through training, educational development and bby offering a socially and ethnically diverse, welcoming community space. Demand for Heba's services has grown continously since its establishment 20 years ago and now has over 350 service users from 15 different nationalities.
 Heba Women's Project: Keeping the door open


Rape Crisis South London (RASASC)

RASASC specialises in advocacy, counselling and helpline support for femal survivors of sexual violence 14 years old and over. RASASC provide survivors with enduring support which promotes better mental and emotional health, enablng survivors to make positive life choices.
RASASC: It's like a lighthouse


South Sudan Women's Skills Development (SSWSD)

South Sudan Women's Skills Develoment is a specialist women's organisation established primarily to serve Sudanese women and children in exile. Their aim is to relieve poverty, overcome isolation, preserve culture and improve the opportunities and future prospects of Sudanese women and children and to effective promote integration into the host community through offering a range of services.
SSWSD: Inner potentials


Women and Girls Network  (WGN)

WGN fully supports women who have been affected by gendered violence and are experiencing mental health difficulties throughout their counselling journey. WGN offers three core counselling services: crisis counselling, short term and longer term clinical contracts. Additionally, WGN is a powerful advocate and educator on gendered violence, aspiring to create social change.
WGN: The WGN empowerment model