The Women's Resource Centre is proud to present our latest report which is a follow-up to our why women? campaign launched in November 2006.

This research is for the benefit of policy and decision makers, funders, women’s organisations and has been researched to highlight the importance of women's organisations. 

Despite the need for specialist organisations, who work in a particular field, or with a specific community of women, or both: they are being threatened in the current funding and policy environment. Organisations can find themselves losing out in funding to larger, generic organisations or being pressured to deliver services to men.

Therefore there is no better time than now to publish this report. We worked with four women's organisations to give a sense of the diversity of the women's voluntary and community sector.

Some of our findings were as predicted:

  • Women-only is essential
  • Safe spaces for women are needed
  • Specialist women's organisations provide effective support

Read more of the Executive Summary and Report below.

Executive Summary - Why Women? 2018


Report - Why Women? 2018