Due to popular demand, the WRC are putting on training focused on finances. We recognise that financial language and knowledge is overwhelming and can make you turn and run for the hills. We also recognise that when you understand your organisation’s finances you are confident and in control.    That is why we have created this unique training run by Kathleen Moss, WRC’s management accountant. Kathy has years of experience of working with finances in the charity sector. She makes the training fun and accessible whilst providing you with skills and practical tools that you can apply as soon as you are back in the office.

“I valued that the trainer had knowledge of the charitable sector and [it] really built our capacity as a small specialist BME organisation!” – a previous participant of Kathy’s financial training, 2017.

We tailored this training to ensure you are equipped with the necessary financial skills and tools needed to run your organisation and work in joint projects and consortia.

Who is it for?

Organisations working with those affected by VAWG who want an increased understanding of finances and finances in relation to joint projects and consortia, as well as gaining confidence.

What’s it about?

The course is geared toward applying practical knowledge necessary in relating recognised financial concepts for financial decision making in consortium. The course is also developed to make better use of different financial formulas.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Use and apply activity-based costing to services or products
  • Allocate joint costs of multi-purpose activities
  • Identify the steps involved in the design and implementation of activity-based costing systems,
  • Practice break-even analysis
  • Prepare a break even budget for consortium bids
  • Monitoring of consortium budget against expenditure

If terms like: cost allocation; activity-based costing systems; joint costs; and break even analysis make you draw a blank, then this training is for you! 

What will I take away?

Improved understanding of allocating joint costs with multi-purpose activities

Improved understanding of how to develop and monitor financial progress against consortium budget.


×This course is FUNDED  for women’s organisations or projects based in London working with those affected by sexual and domestic violence

If you do not fulfil the above criteria the following applies:
If your organisation is a Member of WRC you will need to pay £25 for the full day
If your organisation is not a member of WRC you will need to pay £50 for the full

Please read our Training Policies about cancellations, late arrivals, etc. here.

Please note that we can only allow one participant per organisation. If there are two or more staff members wishing to participate on this training you will be placed on a waiting list and allocated a place if space is available.