To increase participants’ skill and confidence when delivering training sessions in their organisations.


At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • State the essential steps needed to plan and deliver an effective training session
  • List the key learning styles and a variety of ways to cater for them during training
  • State different presentation methods which can be utilised for a training session
  • Recognise a variety of difficult situations which can arise in training sessions and state a number of different ways to deal with those situations

The program for the day will be as follows:

9:15am - arrivals

9:30am - Welcome, ground rules and personal aims

Training: The benefits and challenges
Learning styles: Working with different learning styles


Learning Styles (continued)
Presentation styles and skills

12:45pm - lunch

Effective training: Achieving your aims
Effective training: Planning, organising, preparation


Dealing with challenges
Action planning and evaluation

4:30pm - End of day.


×This course is FUNDED for women’s organisations or projects based in London working with those affected by sexual and domestic violence

If you do not fulfil the above criteria the following applies:
If your organisation is a Member of WRC you will need to pay £25 for the full day
If your organisation is not a member of WRC you will need to pay £50 for the full

Please read our Training Policies about cancellations, late arrivals, etc. here.