This is a new course which combines Partnerships: Getting off to a Good Start and Partnerships: Putting it into practice.

In this trianing course, Dionne Nelson, WRC's Deputy CEO, will share her knowledge, experience and learnings from working with partnerships for over a decade.

Who is it for?

Organisations new to thinking strategically about partnerships and those that already have a partnership in mind and want to learn how to put it into practice.

What’s it about?

This course will provide guidance on how and why, as an organisation you want to develop a partnership and identify potential partnerships as well as learning about what makes sucessful partnerships. It will also consider the different structures a partnership might take and experience of drawing up a partnership agreement. The course has a very practical focus and will enable participants to explore in some detail some of the challenges you may face or that may arise, particularly those related to smaller organisations partnering with larger ones.This course also offers a range of tools for sucessful partnerships including risk assessment, defining clear roles and responsibilities, legal requirements and exit strategy.


What will I take away?

  • Practical tips for creating meaningful partnerships
  • Understanding how partnerships work
  • Understanding the different structures a partnership can take
  • Understanding the causes of interpersonal conflicts and how to solve them
  • Templates and tools for
    • partnership agreements,
    • agreeing partnership strategy,
    • identify for what and with whom you might want to partner
    • Key issues to consider when deciding to partner
    • solving challenges you may face/that may arise in partnership wo

×This course is funded if you are an organisation or project based in London working with those affected by sexual and domestic violence.

If you do not fulfil the above criteria the following applies:
If your organisation is a Member of WRC you will need to pay £25 for the full day
If your organisation is not a member of WRC you will need to pay £50 for the full day
 Please read our Training Policies about cancellations, late arrivals, etc. here.
Please note that we can only allow one participant per organisation.