Who is it for?
Women’s organisations and projects, practitioners of specialist women services, public service practitioners and decision makers with interest in women’s equality.

Levelling the Playing Field - Gender Analysis (Morning Session)

Gender analysis: examines the differences in women's and men's lives, including those that lead to social and economic inequity for women, and applies this understanding to policy development and service delivery (www.gdrc.org/gender/framework/what-is.html)

What’s it about?
This workshop is designed to support you to use a gender analytical approach in developing project proposals. The course will explore how to develop and implement a gender analytical approach to promoting gender equality and advancing women’s economic and social inclusion. It will cover some of the opportunities to promote gender equality e.g. through the Public Sector Equality Duty. The course will explore a range of approaches to gender analysis, drawing out good practice and positive actions that have improved gender equality and delivered good outcomes for girls and women.

What will I take away?

· Understanding of gender analysis and the benefits of taking a gendered approach in project design and delivery
· Appreciation of the barriers facing women in relation to their full economic and social inclusion
· A range of gender analysis frameworks, strategies and tools to address these barriers in a gender sensitive way
· Ability to integrate, mainstream and promote gender equality in all aspects of project design and organisational policies and procedures

Shaping Your Organisation's Social Value Offer (Afternoon Session)

Social Value: The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 places a duty on commissioners to consider social value before procuring public services. Social value means wider social, economic and environment benefits to the community beyond the primary purpose of the service. Women’s organisations deliver broader social value, for example, by reducing isolation; enabling women to achieve their economic potential; reducing incidents of domestic violence and enabling commissioners to engage with diverse women.

What’s it about? This workshop will:
· enable you to identify how your organisation/project delivers social value and how you can demonstrate this when bidding to deliver services.

What will I take away?
· Understanding of the meaning of social value and its relevance to public sector commissioning
· Ability to give examples of how organisations demonstrate they deliver social value
· Ability to identify how your organisation / project delivers social value
· Ability to articulate social value outcomes when bidding for contracts

The course will provide you with a range of online resources for use after the session.

About the Women's Commissioning Support Unit (WCSU) and the Women's Resource Centre (WRC)
WRC, as the umbrella body, is committed to having a thriving women’s sector that is able to deliver services to reduce gender inequalities, which in the current economic climate are growing. The women’s sector has a vital role to play in public service delivery, but the size and complexity of the competitive procurement processes and increasingly demanding contracts makes it difficult for smaller organisations to compete on their own.

As a result the Women’s Commissioning Support Unit (WCSU), led by Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) will work with partners in four specified locations to help local organisations enhance their ability to shape this agenda and develop specialist women consortium.