Women's Resource Centre have organised for some legal training sessions to be delivered to the partnerships in collaboration with WCSU. This specific session will be hosted by Women's Heath In South Tyneside (WHIST).

Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP are sending two solicitors for a full day of legal training on 15th December.

What’s it about?


  • Payment terms and charitable duties.
  • Liability – exclusions and limitations.
  • Warranties  and indemnities.
  • Sub-contracting and termination.
  • Recent developments – Data Protection, Modern Slavery, TUPE.
  • Contractual remedies.


  • Overview of the regulations and light-touch regime.
  • The tender process – submitting a bid, variations, clarification questions and collaborative bids.
  • Challenges – what to consider the process or outcome doesn’t ‘feel right’, plus the time limits and grounds for challenging.

What will I take away?

Each section will provide an understanding of the key terms involved in legal contracts. It will also cover what an organisation should look out for when bidding for these contracts and also what happens after such as negotiations and the risks involved.

The event will take place from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with an hour break for lunch.

Location and information:

Women's Health in South Tyneside


Salus House

33 Mile End Road

South Shields

Tyne & Wear

NE33 1TA

Telephone: 0191 454 6959

Email: info@whist.org.uk

About the Women's Commissioning Support Unit (WCSU) and the Women's Resource Centre (WRC)

WRC, as the umbrella body, is committed to having a thriving women’s sector that is able to deliver services to reduce gender inequalities, which in the current economic climate are growing. The women’s sector has a vital role to play in public service delivery, but the size and complexity of the competitive procurement processes and increasingly demanding contracts makes it difficult for smaller organisations to compete on their own.

As a result the Women’s Commissioning Support Unit (WCSU), led by Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) will work with partners in four specified locations to help local organisations enhance their ability to shape this agenda and develop specialist women consortium.