WRC are delighted with the announcement that our Award winning organisation’s Award winning Chief Executive has been listed over the weekend as a recipient of a MBE.

Vivienne Hayes has spent almost three decades working to improve the lives of women and it is well deserved that she should now receive national recognition at the highest level for her services to women.

I am proud of her work for WRC over the past ten years, and her unswerving commitment to the wider women’s sector.

In particular she stands head and shoulders above many others in her promotion and facilitation of collaborative ways of working. Additionally she is also not afraid to put her head above the parapet, even if this is sometimes unpopular. Her vision for all women to achieve substantive equality in all our diversity is an example to us all.

Vivienne said” I am thrilled to receive this recognition and hope that it inspires another generation of young women and girls to stand up for their rights and what they believe in and refuse to be silenced”

I and the whole of WRC congratulate her!


WRC Chair Rupa Sarkar