Gender Equality and Women’s Human Rights in the 2017 General Election

As women’s inequality increases, the visibility of issues affecting women has decreased; Women are likely to be the hardest hit if there is a post Brexit economic down-turn, having already been hit harder than men by cuts to public services and social security since 2010 as evidenced by research by both the House of Commons Library and WBG.

Inequality experienced by women across differing layers; sex race class etc., is inextricably linked to their needs from service providers. WRC is sustaining valued women’s services through a time of uncertainty; economic and attrition of equality legislation post Brexit.

The UK Women’s Budget Group, Fawcett Society, Women’s Resource Centre, Young Women’s Trust, Girl Guiding, Maternity Action and Rosa Fund for Women have formed a coalition to co-ordinate a joint campaign to raise the priority of gender equality and women’s human rights at the 2017 General Election.

As the leading support organisation for women’s voluntary and community sector (WVCS), committed to supporting and understanding women and their organisations, we are standing up for a diverse sector. Our part within this campaign is:

  • To increase the visibility and sustain valued women’s services, seeking to influence parties’ policies post Brexit UK in so doing in join the needs of women and girls to that of service providers working to improve the lives of women and reduce poverty to benefit women, their families, and communities.


Women’s services support millions of women each year.

There is approximately 20,000 specialists’ women’s voluntary and community sector organisations and women’s projects across the UK, supporting millions of women each year; however only 4.8% of grant monies from 42 European Foundations target women and girls.

Only 1.2% of UK voluntary sector funding goes to women’s organisations, despite making up 7% of registered charities

Proven research advocates women only self-organising is critical to achieving our rights- that's why supporting WVCS is key to change

WVCS has grown from women’s activism against inequality. It is rooted in years of evidence and analysis of women’s inequality and discrimination.

WVCS works with the women/girls at the point of her entry and refrains from a silo’d problematised approach

Women's sector saves lives, saves billion + £ and helps build stronger communities

There is only ONE UK wide fund that specifically targets women and girls

The UK is the 5th biggest economy in the world but only the 20th most gender equal

Women's rights are human rights


Call to Action:

We call on all parties to confirm; how will you ensure support and funding for women’s organisations?

To add your voice to the campaign go to