Who is it for?

Women’s organisations and women's projects, particularly the finance officer or CEO,   looking to work in partnership and who want to learn how to manage finances.

 What’s it about?

The course is geared toward applying practical knowledge necessary in relating recognised financial concepts for financial decision making in consortium.

The course is developed to make better use of different financial formulas, such as, cost allocation, activity-based costing systems, joint costs and break even analysis.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • understand due dilligence and different types of joint working
  • Use and apply activity-based costing to services or products
  • Allocate joint costs of multi-purpose activities
  • Identify the steps involved in the design and implementation of activity-based costing systems,
  • Practice break-even analysis
  • Prepare a break even budget for consortium bids
  • Budgeting of joint projects
  • Monitoring of consortium budget against expenditure

What will I take away?

Improved understanding of allocating joint costs with multi-purpose activities being comfortable developing and monitoring financial progress against a consortium budget.


  • ability to manage finances and reporting requirements as part of a consortium and/ or joint project
  • ability to use and apply activity based costing to services and products
  • ability to manage finances and monitor consortium budgets against expenditure
  • Skills and knowledge to put together budgets, financial documents and frameworks that would support a consortium/partnership bid
  • know-how to make better use of different financial formulas, such as, cost allocation, activity-based costing, joint costs and break even analysis.

About the Women's Commissioning Support Unit (WCSU) and the Women's Resource Centre (WRC)

WRC, as the umbrella body, is committed to having a thriving women’s sector that is able to deliver services to reduce gender inequalities, which in the current economic climate are growing. The women’s sector has a vital role to play in public service delivery, but the size and complexity of the competitive procurement processes and increasingly demanding contracts makes it difficult for smaller organisations to compete on their own.

As a result the Women’s Commissioning Support Unit (WCSU), led by Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) will work with partners in four specified locations to help local organisations enhance their ability to shape this agenda and develop specialist women consortium.