In partnership with Rape Crisis England & Wales, WRC are seeking participants for a co-production activity to be held from 11am to 1:30pm on Tuesday 13 June at Women’s Resource Centre, United House North Road, N7 9DP.


The co-production activity is for women who self-identify as being from a working class background, some of whom may be survivors of sexual violence.

Participants will be supported with travel contribution and a free lunch. Please contact us for details.

 Co-production activity

The co-production activity is part of Rape Crisis England & Wales’ Weaving the Web project. The co-production is to enable a technical specification to be developed for the building of an online platform from which services for women and girl survivors of sexual violence will be delivered. The co-production activity is to:

-          Enable women survivors to shape and inform the development of online services which meet their diverse range of access needs and experience

-          Enable improved understanding and evidencing of the diverse range of needs and experience of women survivors

-          Evidence the need for a range of services to be available including online and face to face support

Weaving the Web project

Weaving the Web project is aimed at ensuring women and girl survivors get support when they want and need it by developing a range of specialist online services which are easily accessible, and which complement and enhance Rape Crisis member Centres’ existing services. In addition to reducing waiting times for support it will enable women and girls who are unable to access face to face services to receive support. Rape Crisis intend and anticipate that the project will improve their reach to underserved women and girls including LBTQi women, young women, older women, women who identify as being from a working class background, BME and disabled women.