The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 places a duty on commissioners to consider social value before procuring public services. Social value means wider social, economic and environment benefits to the community beyond the primary purpose of the service being procured. This duty allows a council, for example, to choose a supplier under a tendering process who not only provides the most economically advantageous service but who offers economic, social and environmental benefits.

Women's Voluntary Organisations are ideally placed to deliver social value – they often have close connections to local communities and tend to focus on social outcomes for women, generating broader value. Building-in social value can lead to a wide range of benefits, for example creating training opportunities; linking marginalised women with service provision; enabling women to achieve their economic potential; and enabling local authorities to engage with diverse women

Who is it for?

Women's organisations, women's projects and practitioners of specialist women services, public service practitioners and decision makers with interest in women's equality.

What's it about?

This workshop will enable you to identify how your organisation / project delivers social value and how you can demonstrate this in order to strengthen your position when bidding to deliver services.

What will I take away?

  1. Understanding of the meaning of social value and its relevance to public sector commissioning
  2. Ability to identify strategies for demonstrating how commissioning for social value can help to achieve public sector priorities
  3. Ability to give examples of how organisations demonstrate delivery of added social value
  4. Ability to identify ways in which their your organisation / project delivers added social value
  5. Understanding of the benefits of self-assessment tools to help assess social value impact.
  6. Ability to articulate social value outcomes when bidding for contracts

Yvonne Prendergast – Social Auditing

Yvonne Prendergast has worked as an independent gender consultant in the UK, Europe and South Asia since 2002, delivering training, research and advice relating to promoting equality and inclusion. She draws on extensive experience as a front-line worker and manager in the voluntary and statutory sectors and a strong commitment to promoting equality and social justice for all women. Yvonne's practical experience is supported by postgraduate study in applied women studies.

Her previous employment experience includes delivery of a women's rights service at Salford Law Centre and managing domestic violence support and development projects. Her current projects include work as an International Gender Adviser for the British Council in Dhaka, delivery of Equality and Diversity training for the Housing Diversity Network, independent grant assessment for BBC Children in Need, Equality and Diversity audits for universities, and evaluation of an anti-poverty project for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.​